Let Me Game In Peace Color
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Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2022
Author 阅文漫画
Artist 阅文漫画
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Let Me Game In Peace

I Just Want to Game in Peace, I Just Want to Play Games Quietly, I Just Want to Play the Game Quietly, Let Me Game in Peace, Wǒ Zhǐ Xiǎng Ānjìng De Dǎ Yóuxì, 我只想安静地打游戏

Synopsis Let Me Game In Peace

A drop of blood saves a life. When others play games, their livers explode, and I also play games. When the dimensional storm came, a large number of different-dimensional fields appeared around the earth, and various different-dimensional creatures such as immortals, Buddhas, demons, angels, elves and so on came to the earth. But those mysterious different-dimensional fields have all become copies of mobile games. Others risk their lives, but I play games desperately.Original Webcomic:AC.QQ, BiliBili Manhua, KuaiKan Manhua

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Chapter Let Me Game In Peace

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